• Welcome to Qynergy
  • Qynergy offers solutions to scientifically challenging problems. We identify ideas that may address customer needs, then vet those ideas to ensure strong tech transfer potential. For selected ideas, we collaborate with inventors, customers, industry partners and research centers to guide technology maturity through the notorious “Valley of Death” toward successful commercialization. Our roadmap for this process is the Qynergy Accelerator Model, or QAM, which significantly increases the chances for a technology’s commercial success.

  • Our Goals
    • Identify and champion innovative technologies.
    • Develop technologies from concept to low-volume manufacturing.
    • Identify customer interests and secure funding
    • Identify and build relationships with innovators, collaborators, funding agencies and end users.
    • Develop a diverse, highly skilled team.
    • Continually grow technology offerings and revenue stream.
    • Be a positive force in the community.

    The QAM Sets Qynergy Apart

    Qynergy’s novel technology transfer and development engine – the Qynergy Accelerator Model, or QAM – focuses on transitioning ideas to products by leveraging expertise and resources available in New Mexico to benefit both the state and US economies. Our QAM enables the development of several early-stage technologies through the “Valley of Death” (the point of a product’s developmental maturity at which many technologies and small businesses die a painful death) into products for the US government customer. In doing so, these technologies are stringently vetted to ensure low-risk technology transfer opportunities for commercialization.

    Please download the 2-pager about our model for more information.