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Qynergy is a technology development company focused on maturing early stage technologies into products for government customers. We are located at the Sandia Science and Technology Park (SS&TP) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Our goal is to be the top technology development, innovation and career enhancement engine —  from which other start-up entrepreneurial and manufacturing companies can be launched. Our unique Business Model helps mitigate the risk of early failure that most start-ups encounter during the concept-to-manufacturing process, and ensures that we can provide advanced technologies to our government customers while bringing innovative ideas to market. With three national laboratories (SNL, LANL & AFRL) and several universities, New Mexico is ideally positioned for technical innovation. Our vision is to ENGAGE innovators by championing their ideas, ENERGIZE the team by creating a path for technology development, and EMPOWER those scientific minds by providing resources and a collaborative environment for developing new groundbreaking technologies.

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  • Identify and champion innovative technologies.
  • Develop technologies from concept to low-volume manufacturing.
  • Identify customer interests and secure funding
  • Identify and build relationships with innovators, collaborators, funding agencies and end users.
  • Develop a diverse, highly skilled team.
  • Continually grow technology offerings and revenue stream.
  • Be a positive force in the community.