Developing Innovative Concepts into Manufacturable Products

QynCap-multiple-300x225Qynergy is a privately held technology development company that was established in 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company was originally founded on a licensed technology from Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the University of New Mexico (UNM) for a radiation-hard material.  During the early years (until ~2007) we were focused on developing a power generator (betavoltaic device) for trickle charging batteries or capacitors.  In the process we demonstrated some of the highest efficiency (~11%) and highest power (>15uW) betavoltaic devices.

Due to a limited market for the betavoltaic device, over the next five years, we diversified into othertechnology areas including materials, power & energy and detection. During this time frame we developed numerous connections to scientists/inventors at laboratories, universities and small companies. In doing so we realized that there was a clear unmet need in the technology development/transfer process for government research institutions. Our focus is on developing technologies for the government customer.

Many of the technologies residing at government research institutions are at early stages and hence are not very interesting for the investment community.  Unless these technologies are developed further and their value clearly determined, there is little chance of successful deployment/commercialization.  In 2012 Qynergy developed a technology accelerator model to address this problem. Qynergy would match these technologies to address government customer needs.  Government customers typically have problems that need unique and novel solutions without the need for a commercial market case (which is critical for investor funding).  In developing the technology for the government customer, the value of the idea is clear and can be used to attract investor funding.  Qynergy leverages expertise and resources available in the community to cost effectively develop these technologies in a timely manner.

Since the implementation of the new business model Qynergy has worked on and championed several technologies.  Two of the technologies have evolved to the stage of being transitioned to platform applications/qualification.  Other technologies did not evolve to this level since they did not meet their expected value propositions.