Our Model

Accelerating the Commercialization of Innovative Ideas

Our Business Model is Dynamic

How it Works



Qynergy’s goal is to be a technology development engine for innovative ideas. To start the process, Qynergy identifies technologies from laboratories, universities, individual inventors etc. that are valuable to government customers.  Most of these technologies are at very early stages of development (typically Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1-3).  This creates an initial technology portfolio that can be brought to bear to provide solutions to customer challenges.  Unlike most companies, Qynergy does not use business case filters (i.e. commercial viability, market size, return on investment (ROI), etc.) since it is impractical to do so due to the immature state of these technologies.

The government customer may have unique needs that only require a custom solution. Qynergy draws from a broad spectrum of ideas/inventors to identify technologies to solve specific customer needs. Once matched, Qynergy, with inventor involvement, identifies and procures funding to support the down-selected technology for development.

We work with the Inventor upfront and throughout the development process to create an equitable allocation of commercial sales, profits and/or royalty stream that could potentially occur as a result of the technology’s development. Once the idea/project is funded, our team collaborates with the Inventor to develop the idea into a product that fits the customer’s requirement.



Potential Outcomes

As the customer requirement is pursued and the technology evolves (TRL level advances), its business value becomes more apparent.  Depending on the technology any of the following outcomes have value:

– Some will fail to meet customer requirements (Educational value and other potential future applications)

–Some will have limited market (Qynergy would create manufacturing line and sell product)

–Some will integrate into existing large scale manufacturers (Licensing opportunity)

–Some will have significant business value (New stand alone companies may be created)


What’s in it for the Inventor?

  • A champion to promote their ideas and build a business case for potential customers
  • Paid to work on their own idea (once a project is funded)
  • A dedicated technical team to develop the technology into a manufacturable product
  • A support team to take care of administrative, contractual, programmatic and accounting activities so that the Inventor can focus on developing his or her idea
  • A financial position that enables opportunities to be launched and potential shortfalls to be covered
  • A versatile, well-equipped laboratory

What’s in it for Qynergy?

  • Opportunities to convert innovative ideas into viable commercial products and technologies
  • Continually expand portfolio of both technology and product offerings
  • Developing cutting-edge technologies to support our customers’ critical needs and enhance Team Members’ professional growth and leadership opportunities
  • Promoting advanced technical concepts that can lead to strategic relationships and spin-off companies
  • Increased revenue through executing contracts
  • Leveraging resources with other small businesses to develop ideas in a cost-effective manner
  • Assisting national labs and universities with tech transfer and commercialization efforts

Value to other interested parties

Qynergy’s model is focused on technology maturation.  Therefore it is too early to involve investors.  However, as the technology matures, investor interest emerges.

What’s in it for the Investment Community?

Reduced risk based on the following:

  • Early-stage technologies have been vetted
  • Vetted technologies have been matured from proof-of-concept to low-volume manufacturing
  • Investor will have a clearer picture of the value proposition and return on investment
  • The team that enhanced the technology will be available, if needed, for transition to stand alone companies
  • Broader base of applications and customer interest will be in place
  • Revenue stream may be in place
  • Earlier realization of ROI and potential exit
  • Potentially fewer investment rounds – less dilution

What’s in it for our Community?

In addition, the surrounding community is enriched because:

  • New viable small businesses may be created based on vetted, funded technologies
  • Ongoing creation of new jobs
  • Attraction of external talent as a “go-to” destination for technical jobs and innovative technologies
  • Increased retention of technical skills
  • Revenue that stays in the community
  • Potential use of cutting-edge technologies to help solve some of our  community’s infrastructure and growth challenges
  • Increased Tech transfer opportunities for local universities and labs
  • Mutually beneficial collaborations with local companies in cross cutting disciplines